Summer’s Here and You’re Busy! 3 Ways Pool Design Software...

It’s summer! That means it’s the busiest time of the year for you. You’re getting new jobs regularly, but oftentimes, it becomes harder to deal with such an overwhelming number of requests, leading to fewer successful deals. That’s where pool design software comes into play. 


Showcase your Brand with Swimming Pool Marketing

Showcase your brand with swimming pool marketing to ensure that prospective customers are impressed by your professionalism and get all the information they need to choose you as their pool dealer.


Pool Professionals: Boost your Top and Bottom Line

Calling all pool professionals! Is your business not growing the way you want it to? Are you looking to improve your overall top and bottom line to collect greater profit from all of your hard work? Here are some essential tips that all pool professionals should be implemented if they’re looking to better their business.


How to Increase Sales with Pool Design Software

Pool design software is the latest digital marketing tool to sweep the pool dealer industry. Why are pool dealers jumping at the opportunity to add this software to their website? Well, long story short, including this software as an option for your online customers can drastically increase sales. If you’re interested in learning how software like Splashdown can benefit your business, follow along.  

man working on web design on two computer screens.

Web Design for Pool Dealers: A Unique Challenge

Investing in a pool is a big commitment for consumers, so you can be sure they’ll be paying a lot of attention to the business they choose to work with. In order to set yourself apart from the competition, having spectacular web design is key.

Scrabble letters on wood table spelling out "SEO"

SEO & Marketing for Pool Dealers. How Does it Work?...

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the method with which your website “ranks” higher on Google. In layman’s terms, with SEO, you can ensure that your website will appear high up in the search results when people in your area search google for a pool dealer.

woman on laptop viewing a web design layout on her screen

Web Design Trends & The Next Big Thing for Pool...

Using colors, fonts, layouts, etc. are so important in the field of web design. People search for something, and if your website makes people want to squint their eyes, or they can’t find where to even get to the Contact Me page, they will leave. With so many options available on the Internet, the idea of having to dig to find what you want is enough to lose business in a matter of seconds.

Man writing in notebook in coffee table with open notebook in his lap. On the left, there is a white lit candle and second notebook open and a cellphone and black pen on top. On the right, there is an open laptop with a black screen.

Simple and Effective Swimming Pool Business Ideas: Write Engaging Copy...

One way you can make your website more interesting and keep people on your site longer is through compelling copy. Whether it’s a blog or the About Me section of your page, by writing something that’s engaging, you are immediately bringing something of interest to the viewer that will hopefully lead to a sale.

magnifying glass over computer screen highlighting Google My Business

Google My Business & Digital Marketing For Small Business ...

You can easily use Google My Business to increase your visibility online. Using this platform as a digital marketing tool has numerous benefits for small businesses.  

phone showing image of google map pinpointing to a business

Your Google My Business Website & The Local Map Pack...

Last month, we dove into the effortless way that you can use Google My Business. In our second of three articles about your Google My Business website, we’ll talk about another way to get your business front and center when it comes to local searches: your Local Map Pack.

iPhone showing Google apps, including Google My Business

Using Google My Business To Increase Online Pools Sales

By jump-starting your local SEO visibility, you can ultimately increase your sales and be recognized as THE place to go when looking for pool designs and investing in a swimming pool. As a three-part series, we will focus on local SEO and dive into all the must-knows and must-dos of organically increasing your revenue and pushing your business forward.

scrabble pieces on wooden table spelling out "digital marketing"

Digital Marketing Matters for Your Swimming Pool Business

While we know potential customers will likely come into your showroom prior to committing to their swimming pool investment, it is becoming increasingly necessary for all types of businesses to join and engage in the online marketing and sales world. Here we will discuss a few digital marketing best practices you should consider when incorporating online pool sales.

Design your pool online

Increase Online Pool Sales in Record Time

Now that May is here, there is going to be an obvious increase in demand for swimming pools, but not an increase in the hours in the day. That’s where Splashdown, an original, innovative web platform, comes in and saves time not only for the buyer, but for the seller too. With Splashdown, you’ll have a customer ready to start the pool construction process, and you, as a pool dealer, are excited you have made a sale in record time and with enough time to generate additional sales.

Girl laying on lounge chair by a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Trends in 2021

Spring is here, and the time is prime to roll out the lounge chairs and light up the grill. After a year of limited socializing, we can expect to see pool parties around the neighborhood as well as many people in the process of working with swimming pool designers to visualize their custom pool building projects.


Splashdown : Basic vs. Premium

We’d like to give you a quick primer on the differences between our membership options. We’re positive that we’ve got the right fit for your dealership. Once you know more about our service offerings, you can sign up here on our site!

People's feet in a pool

Deep Dive Advertising: Building Online Platforms for Custom Pool Designs...

With Deep Dive Advertising's Splashdown platform, clients create custom pool designs from the comfort of their home. Experience a safer way to build your custom pool in today’s environment.

Dollar bills falling around an open laptop on a table

Online Marketing in the Time of Corona

As we rely on the Internet now more than ever, one business directly affected to is the swimming pool industry. That’s where a fresh website, search engine optimization and a custom pool building platform come in. 


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