Deep Dive Advertising: Building Online Platforms for Custom Pool Designs

Innovating and Improving Your Sales Strategy

To say 2020 has changed our lives would be a huge understatement.

It has shifted everything in our lives from where we work, how we shop, where we eat, etc.

The effect this has had on businesses is jaw-dropping. Small businesses all around the country have closed due to our current situation. And it didn’t matter if it was a new business just starting out or a business known throughout a community for decades. No one was immune.

And so we pivot. We adjust, so we can keep working, and so people can still enjoy the little things in their everyday life.


Safety in Sales

In the swimming pool industry, there is plenty of time when you are working directly with your client. 

Purchasing a pool is no small endeavor, so it’s not unusual to spend a few hours and several visits to the store to design your own pool. They will need to decide what they want or if they want to move forward with purchasing a swimming pool at all.

This is where Deep Dive Advertising and our Splashdown platform come in.

What we have built is not only a timesaver for you and your client, it’s also a great way to have the custom pool building process as safe as possible in today’s environment.

With our Splashdown platform, clients can create their custom pool designs from the comfort of their own home. 

With the click of a button, they can quickly change in and out colors, shapes, materials, etc. for everything they will need for their new swimming pool.

In addition to an immediate view of what your swimming pool will look like, Splashdown has the ability to offer clients pricing for everything. So as they build, they can keep track of their cost and stay within their budget. All without having to step into your showroom. 


From Web to Reality

Once built, clients can save the pool they built and have their pool design sent to you via email. When they are ready to cross the Ts and dot the Is, buyers can simply come in and make the purchase, having already picked out every detail they wanted in their custom pool designs.

The amount of time this will save for you as the seller is immense. And it will give you more time to focus on those who do come into the store to build a pool and are looking for a more hands-on approach for their purchase.

Being able to provide your clients an option of custom pool building from home is paramount at this point. And moving forward, the convenience for your client and yourself will save you time, earn you more money, and have many happy buyers. 

Your client will surely be satisfied with their online pool design becoming a reality.

If our online pool design platform, Splashdown, sounds like a win for you, or if you have additional questions on how it all works, we want to hear from you! Our demo is an awesome way to watch Splashdown in action and see how easy-to-use it is for any client.

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