Digital Marketing Matters for Your Swimming Pool Business

If there is one thing we all learned over the past year, it is that online shopping and browsing has taken the front seat when compared with brick and mortar businesses.

However, when it comes to selling swimming pools, you know your customers will want to come in and iron out all the details before making their purchase. 

While we know potential customers will likely come into your showroom prior to committing to their swimming pool investment, it is becoming increasingly necessary for all types of businesses to join and engage in the online marketing and sales world.

Here we will discuss a few digital marketing best practices you should consider when incorporating online pool sales.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has continued to gain traction in the digital marketing world. But what is it exactly? 

Businesses use SEO on their website to organically rank higher on Google searches.

Consider how you use Google: You type in your search term, Google quickly provides a list of all the websites relevant to your search, and then you will likely click on the first link or a link on the first page.

Time is of the essence on the web, especially when someone is using a search engine. They just want Google to show them the best and most relevant information.

SEO is a way for your business to be the best in a search engine.

By using keywords that have a high search volume and posting quality content on your website, you can greatly increase the chances of your website appearing on page one of a Google search. 

It is important to note results from SEO do take some time. If you think about how many websites there are floating out there, it’s easy to understand why. However, if you continue using best SEO practices, you will begin to notice positive changes in your position on Google, and your Return on Investment (ROI) with online pool sales.


Social Media Marketing

Another great way to put your business front and center online is by utilizing all the social media platforms available to you.

Becoming active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will increase your reach to people online. According to, 65% of the world’s eligible population has a presence on social media.

Although there are paid ads you can place on social media sites, posting on your page for the social media site is free. Imagine the amount of people you can reach with 65% of the eligible population actively using social media.

When creating your post, be sure to link it back to your main website. This, of course, will increase your traffic, but it also has a positive effect on your SEO campaign.

Online Pool Design

The most specific digital marketing technique to the swimming pool business is allowing visitors to your site to virtually build and price their pool directly on your website.

Many of us are visual and creative-minded people. Most of us also want control of how something looks if we are going to spend our money on it.

With an online pool design platform, this gives the best of both worlds. 

Visitors to your website can pick and choose exactly what style of pool they want, the colors of tile, and if they want to add in a spa or even a water slide.

They can take exactly what they want, create it, and visualize it right there on their computer screen.

Not only does this allow potential customers to have a say in the look of their swimming pool, it will also save you loads of time consulting with people on the showroom floor. 

Now when they come in, your client will already know what they want and have an idea of the range of costs. An online pool design platform, like Splashdown, greatly decreases the time spent in between a client deciding they want a pool and actually starting construction. 

Over the past year, the amount of online transactions has increased by 39.7 percent compared to the index period in January 2020, and the global conversion rate also increased by 40.3 percent.

With numbers like this, if you are hoping for your business to grow, incorporating digital marketing into your marketing budget is not simply smart, it’s necessary. 


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