Increase Online Pool Sales in Record Time

If there is one thing we could all use a little more of, it’s time.

A pandemic spanning over 12 months, and Summer right around the corner. It's safe to say swimming pool dealers and contractors could use all the time they can get.

After a year of limited contact, it's easy to understand why people are going to want to get out and enjoy time with friends and family they haven’t seen in a while. One way to do that is to experience a day with those you love around a brand-new swimming pool. 

Now that May is here, there is going to be an obvious increase in demand for swimming pools, but not an increase in the hours in the day.

That’s where Splashdown, an original, innovative web platform, comes in and saves time not only for the buyer, but for the seller too. With Splashdown, you’ll have a customer ready to start the pool construction process, and you, as a pool dealer, are excited you have made a sale in record time and with enough time to generate additional sales.

Online Pool Design Built to Sell

Created and perfected over the course of two years by Deep Dive Advertising, Splashdown is a pool design software built with full animation, allowing potential buyers to pick and visualize not only their pool shape and size, but also things like the shell finish and coping. 

In addition to the pool designs, they can even add in a spa or additional water features, a fire pit or water-slide, all from the comfort of their computer desk.

Now, while this is an awesome way for a buyer to “design your pool” without having to sift through hundreds of pages in catalogs, Spalshdown is also an unprecedented asset to any pool construction or pool dealer. It is one-of-a-kind.

Selling and visually constructing a pool with a client has been the same for more years than most of us can probably count.

A customer comes in, interested in putting a new swimming pool in their backyard, and ends up needing your undivided attention while they go through catalog after catalog, trying to decide exactly what they want without ever being able to truly visualize it.

With Splashdown, those days are gone.

By incorporating this program into your pool dealer website design, customers can pick and choose exactly what they want before ever stepping into your showroom. They would have already viewed a visual replica of everything they have chosen, and are basically ready for their purchase.

This will save an immeasurable amount of time (and trees) when you think about one thing: all those catalogs. With Splashdown, catalogs are kaput. 

Transparent Price Estimates: Saving You Time and Money

Another piece of the time-saving puzzle is that the Splashdown program also offers a pool cost estimator.

As a customer builds a swimming pool on your website, they will also begin to discover a range of costs for the pool. This range will adjust up and down depending on their selection.

Why this is an impressive feature is apparent. 

Investing into your own personal swimming pool can be pricey. And there are some customers who may come into your showroom without any idea of a general cost to build a pool.

Having the Splashdown program on your own business’ website allows anyone who builds on there to get a range of what the cost will be. All before stepping into your store. 

In addition to the assurance that most people going into your showroom know what they want, they also know the cost. And if they’re coming in to visit you, they are likely ready and able to move forward with the pool building process.

The price estimator leaves no time wasted, and more time to consult and meet additional customers throughout the day.

Save and Share

Another feature sure to save you some time is the save and share feature. When someone visits your website and builds their pool, they can also save what they have put together. 

They can share it online on their social media or send it over in an email to a friend or their significant other to get their opinion on the build.

Also, they can send their design to you and request a salesperson get in touch with them to set up a consult. And how awesome is that from a time-saving point of view?

Now when you call to set up a consult, you know exactly what they are looking for and how they want to move forward. You may also know of more premium options, similar to what they picked out, and can easily and organically recommend those too.

It takes all the guesswork out of deciphering what your buyer wants visually and financially.

By using Deep Dive Advertising’s original pool design software, Splasdown, your website will provide something to customers they may have never known they needed, but so glad to have it.

We are all living in an instant-gratification world where time is money and appearance matters. With this, people are shopping online now more than ever. Now is the time to take that step into an innovative, time-saving, cost-efficient way of selling your custom-built swimming pools. 

With Splashdown, you can give the people what they want and increase your sales at a faster pace than you thought possible. 

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