Swimming Pool Trends in 2021

Spring is here, and the time is prime to roll out the lounge chairs and light up the grill.

After a year of limited socializing, we can expect to see pool parties around the neighborhood as well as many people in the process of working with swimming pool designers to visualize their custom pool building projects.

As they begin to design their own pool, they will come across many pool designs and layouts to choose from. There are some designs and add-ons that have survived the test of time, and each year there are several trends that become popular.

Here we will discuss a few of those trends as we begin the 2021 swimming pool season and people begin to custom build a pool in their own backyard.


Customized Tile  

One of the more trending features when creating a dream pool is being able to customize the pool with a specific tile and color of their choosing.

The most convenient way to do this is through an online pool building platform. This type of program allows people to pick and choose the tile material and color they want, and then instantly view what that would look like right there on their computer screen.

There are so many ready-to-go, but generic pools to purchase, however by using an online pool design, people are now able to create a one-of-kind pool experience. 


Spa Features

Another trending feature always popular is incorporating a spa or hot tub into a new swimming pool layout. 

Pools are created for fun and relaxation, so it’s not surprising that while someone is designing their own pool, they may consider adding in a spa for those days when they just need to de-stress.

This is also a cool feature with some online pool building platforms. With this type of platform, people can build their pool, and in addition to choosing pool size, shape and tile color, they can also view and choose the type of spa they desire for your oasis.


Smart Lighting Technology

As smart LED lights have grown in popularity over the years, it was only a matter of time before they worked their way into the custom pool building world.

The smart technology allows for a pool owner to control the lighting from their own cellphone or a remote control provided by the supplier. They will be able to turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness, and some allow users to actually change the color of the light.

In addition to the convenience of not having to flip a switch or turn a dial, smart lighting technology is also energy efficient. 


As people begin to design and build a pool, this year’s trending idea is all about convenience.

An online pool building platform provides convenience in choosing the kind of pool people want  or what added features are available, and then allows the builder to instantly view what that would look like.

Every year different trends will be forgotten and new trends will find their way in, but no matter what buyers and builders are interested in, they will always look for ways to add and observe their trending pool designs instantly and with no fuss.

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