Using Google My Business To Increase Online Pools Sales

As a swimming pool business owner, it’s easy to understand why local visibility online is so important.

Aside from a business where they can ship their goods across the country and the world, swimming pool businesses expecting to increase their online pool sales need to understand that the focus on local SEO is imperative.

By jump-starting your local SEO visibility, you can ultimately increase your sales and be recognized as THE place to go when looking for pool designs and investing in a swimming pool.

As a three-part series, we will focus on local SEO and dive into all the must-knows and must-dos of organically increasing your revenue and pushing your business forward.

First up, one of the most important and easiest things you can do is create a Google My Business page for your business. It’s free, and when working on your rank in Google, it’s only reasonable to assume that using something they created will likely increase your local visibility.

You will need a Google account to create your page, but that’s free too. Once you have created your account, head on over to the Google My Business site and start to create your listing.

After you have filled out all necessary fields, you will need to verify you’re the business owner and have rights to the listing. This is usually done by physical mail, where you will need to follow the instructions on the postcard Google mails out to finish your verification. 

Once verified, you are good to go. You will now have access to update any information about your business for Google searches, including when you’re open, following up with reviews, and where your business is physically located, among other things.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking this is all good and grand, but how is that going to help your business?

The priceless advantage of having a Google My Business page is where your business will now appear when someone does a search relevant to your business.

You will now have a Google Business Profile. So, when someone directly types in your business name, you will appear along with pertinent information about your business and the link to your website. This will function for not only a desktop search, but also mobile.

As a member of the Deep Dive Advertising team, this will guide local searchers to your website, where they will likely begin to visualize and virtually create their own swimming pool with our pool design software, Splashdown

Ultimately, Google My Business is like your own Google-certified website. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your local visibility and ensure Google knows who you are and what you are selling. When they know this, they know where you belong in the world of searching. So, search up!

Next post, we’ll continue our journey in local SEO and discuss additional ways Google My Business can increase your ranking on the Google search engine.


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