Simple and Effective Swimming Pool Business Ideas: Write Engaging Copy

As the cooler months start to roll in, you’ll likely have a little more time to focus on the marketing side of your business. Even if your swimming pool business has projects booked out in advance, keeping your business front and center will lead to those projects you’ll want when the crazy summer months start to slow down. 

The benefit of focusing on marketing even when you are doing well is simple. While you are manufacturing and installing pools for your current clients, your digital marketing plan is knocking on everyone else’s door (figuratively, of course) to keep your momentum going.

One way you can make your website more interesting and keep people on your site longer is through compelling copy. Whether it’s a blog or the About Me section of your page, by writing something that’s engaging, you are immediately bringing something of interest to the viewer that will hopefully lead to a sale.

Here, we’ll talk about the simple swimming pool business idea of writing captivating copy.


Write to Sell

First, you’ll want to focus on how what you are selling will benefit the consumer. It’s easy to get stuck in listing all the things that make your business great, but the reason people are there is not to read a humblebrag about your business. Web visitors are there to see how your product can make their life easier, more fun, more enjoyable.

Another way to grab a viewer’s attention is to have the content on your site written in the tone of the customer. The tone and style you present also show the voice of your brand and how you want people to see your business. 

When you are writing in the voice of the customer, you want to write about what they want out of your good or service. Compelling copy from the customer’s perspective will catch their attention and draw them in. Write about the benefits they will experience, like the health benefits and the way a pool can relieve everyday stress. This is a great swimming pool business idea that can draw a connection to your clients by saying just a few words.


Call in the Experts

And if you just don’t have the time to write content for your website, or you would prefer someone who has expertise in writing copy for websites, you can always reach out to the team at Deep Dive Advertising. In addition to building your website from the ground up and incorporating our Splashdown pool building platform, we are also here for all of your content needs. We would love for you to get in touch, so we can start writing to build your business.

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